Plastic Curtain Service and Installation

Installing curtain strips is a must when striving for efficiency. Our made-to-order PVC plastic curtain strips are made of USDA approved materials. The strips are flexible down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Temperature Controlling Plastic Curtains

Our industry indicates that these strips can save up to 35% on your cooling costs, but that is nation average and with the constant Florida sun glaring down, these strips will pay for themselves almost imeediately. Not only are you saving money by keeping the cold air in, but you’re also extending the life of the compressor and you definitely don’t want to foot the bill to replace one of those!

Reducing temperature fluctuations

Plastic curtains provide a barrier for the cool air inside which reduces the amount of drastic temperature fluctuations that can keep that cooler motor running. 

Keeping your food from spoiling

With the reduced drops in temperature, your food will be less compromised to temperatures that can affect your overall food quality.

A door with a metal strip on it

Yellow back door plastic curtains keep the bugs out

Need to keep your backdoor open when accepting deliveries and need a way to prevent the insects from flying in? We install flexible doors and plastic curtains that even have the option of a citronella lining to further ward off any unwanted bugs. Back door plastic curtains are tinted yellow to inhibit the insect’s natural ability to detect light behind the door.

A yellow curtain is shown in front of a window.