West Palm Beach’s Commercial Cooler Door Experts

From Boca to West Palm Beach and to Jupiter, Gasket Doctor works with any business from restaurants to convenience marts, grocery stores, and medical facilities. We are the most customer-oriented cooler repair and parts and service company and we guarantee our work. Technicians that work for Gasket Doctor are timely and professionally trained in issues you may have with your commercial refrigeration exterior. Our job isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied!

Replacing gasket seals

Gasket Doctor services gaskets for all different temperature controlled doors. With many different applications of commercial refrigeration, come different sizes. Custom jobs for our customers is nothing new and we will work with your model of cooler resulting in a perfect fit. Rest easy knowing that we aren’t leaving the job until we are 100% certain the fit will ensure maximum performance. 

A man is working on the outside of a building.
A door with two red circles on it and three boxes in front of the doors.

Door accessories and parts

If you would like to upgrade the performance of your cooler door, then we have many options on parts:

– Temperature gauges– Tested to weather the interior conditions on both side of the cooler, gauges allow you and your staff to monitor the cooler’s performance at a glance.
– Handles– Built to withstand a lot of push and pull in high-traffic, these handles are ruggedly built to last through constant wear and tear.
– Hinges– We offer fast service if a hinge were to go and make it difficult to open and close. Call us pro-actively once you see any signs of your hinge about to malfunction.
– Door closers-Â Save all sorts of energy by installing an automatic door closer. Great for situations where staff’s hands are full carrying large amounts of product.

Plastic curtain installation and replacements

In order to stabilize the temperatures within your cooler from mixing with warmer air, plastic curtains are often installed to provide a barrier to contain air movement. For non-refrigeration purposes, Gasket Doctor will also install formulated plastic curtains which repel insects. As you know, we have our bugs and they are a pest. Even more of a pest if the health inspector notices. Plain curtains can also be installed in employee break areas to keep the smoke away from an entrance way when said employees take smoke breaks outdoors.

A door of an elevator with a plastic curtain.
A door that is open and has metal steps.

Diamond plating installs

Your commercial doors can take a beating and get worn down fast without protective plating installed. This rugged steel will prevent marks of wear and denting of the door itself. Most doors already do come with a thin metal, but this can even deteriorate under high traffic applications. Employees can kick the panels and run carts into them and they won’t even come close to affecting the integrity of the door. Our team of professional installers can custom fit any diamond plate steel panels to fit your model of cooler. We also install these panels on walls within the cooler, or any other need for steel plating.