Your Gasket Repair and Replacement Experts

Leaking gaskets in South Florida?  Anywhere else in the country and your gaskets may not warrant such extreme maintenance.  But in the battle against the heat, you’re gaskets are on the front line, keeping your food safe for consumption, minimizing waste, and saving your compressor from being overtaxed to the point of replacement.

Why replace your gaskets?

There are more than one reason to replace your gaskets. Our team will make sure that your refrigeration needs are being met through measurements and performance testing. The following needs will be improved once Gasket Doctor provides and install.


The design of the gasket makes it extremely easy for bacteria to grow in areas not easily reachable.  Inspecting and cleaning your gasket once a month can extend its life and keep the health inspectors off your back.


The cold air escaping when the door is open will get pricey over time, but if you’re gaskets are leaking all the time, its dollars literally out the door. Not to mention extending the life of your compressor, because once that goes, a few dollars spent on gaskets pales in comparison. A repaired gasket will save you the money you would otherwise use on more important operation costs.

The temperature of food

– More importantly, if you’re leaky gaskets are directly responsible for above-temperature storage conditions, its not going to reflect well in health inspection reports.  And it goes without saying, but if your guests get sick, you’re going to have a whole new set of problems!

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