Fort Lauderdale Commercial Cooler Door Experts

From Coral Springs down to Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood, Gasket Doctor has many happy customers ranging from restaurants to convenience marts, grocery stores, and medical facilities. We are the most service-dedicated cooler door repair and service company when it comes to job satisfaction. Our knowledgeable technicians are always available and on hand to fix any issues you may have with your commercial refrigeration doors and exterior needs. We don’t leave until you are happy and completely satisfied.

Cooler door gasket seal repairs

Once your gasket seal on your cooler starts breaking down, then you start losing money on energy costs and not to mention the constant running of your motor. That can lead to more expensive repair costs all together! With a constant barrage of heat for places throughout South Florida, we have a large list of clients who have us as their go-to company to call. For restaurants, hotels, or any hospitality service that works with the Health and Safety/ Food inspection departments, we are often called on to inspect and ensure that their coolers will meet code. For immediate service, we are more than happy to schedule fast appointments to ensure your cooler needs are performing normally.

A man is working on the outside of a building.
A door with two red circles on it and three boxes in front of the doors.

Door accessories and parts

If you would like to upgrade the performance of your cooler door, then we have many options on parts:

– Temperature gauges– Always know your cooler’s performance at a glance. Gauges are tested to perform flawlessly to provide accurate readings.
– Handles– Ruggedly built for the constant wear and tear of staff going in and out of the cooler as the job demands.
– Hinges– We are often called on once the hinges start failing which results in making it difficult to opening / closing door.
– Door closers– Automatic door closers ensure that the door won’t be left open during busy traffic times.

Plastic curtain installation and replacements

Our customers call on us to also install the plastic curtains that help keep their temperatures stabilized when there is high traffic in the cooler. Whether its separating the warm kitchen air or in between the refrigeration and freezing, these curtains cut back on air movement which can help keep temperatures compartmentalized. We also offer plastic curtains for non-refrigeration purposes. Gasket Doctor offers formulated plastic curtains which repel insects. Employees will leave the building for many reasons like taking out the trash and you don’t want these unwanted pests following them back in. Plastic sheeting also does a decent job of blocking smoke for employees who engage in this vice.

A door of an elevator with a plastic curtain.
A door that is open and has metal steps.

Diamond plating installs

The most reliably rugged door protector is the diamond plated steel panel. The diamond plate will lengthen your door’s life considerably, especially in a high traffic scenario. Doors that don’t have this protection often start to appear dirty (even when clean) and run down. Too much abuse in high traffic situations can put large dents from constant contact. These diamond plated kick plates are heavy duty and can put up with the strongest of hits. Our staff are experts in ensuring you have a custom design to not only protect the integrity of the door, but also look nice and professional.